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Full information about Establishment and lodging Stay Central Serviced Apartments at chapel street, Manchester, Salford, England M3 5DF. Find the address of the company, the phone for communication, opening hours, feedback from customers and employees, as well as other information.


chapel street, Manchester, Salford, England M3 5DF
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+44 7866 275144

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Stay Central Serviced Apartments

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  • Aaron B-Z
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Absolutely abhorrent customer service and possibly just a scam.

    When I showed up the address was actually a pizza restaurant. My taxi driver called them to ask for directions. When he got off the phone he mentioned they were extremely rude but told him that I should go into the pizza place and they would show me upstairs to an apartment. The pizza employees had no idea what I was talking about. When I mentioned the name "Stay Central Apartments" they pointed me across the street. The building they directed me to was entirely dark, doors locked, no signs, no doorbell. I try calling the Stay Central number multiple times and get the notification "this mobile number has been turned off or disconnected." I try calling again 15 minutes later and a man picks up the phone. I cordially say "hello, I booked an apartment for tonight and we've been wandering around the street but we can't find the location. Could you please give us directions?" and the first thing this guy says to me is "you're 15 minutes late". I reply "I'm late? We arrived at the address on time but you haven't given us a single correct direction or been helpful at all and your phone was off." He goes on a rant "I'm not letting you stay here. Do you know who I am?" Etc etc. to keep it PG I will just say that cursing followed on both sides.

    This place is clearly a huge scam and if it happens to not be a total scam, I can tell you for certain that the proprietors are the rudest, most terrible people that have ever run a lodging. Avoid at all costs!
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